I’m done with trusting people completely. I’m just fucking done. Whenever I trust someone, they even say they’re my best friend, they end up breaking my heart. They don’t know how fucking broken it already is!! No more “best” friends for me. Fuck em’ cause I’m tired of being a pushover and being manipulated.


Not you tho and not shestheonlyoneiwantfanfic

Hand on heart, I’m here for you 👋💕

Anonymous asked:

Why do you act like you're better than everyone else?



lol what??

Cuz stuntin is a habit 😂

Lool 😂

Anonymous asked:

did anyone record that ustream

I haven’t found anyone that has, but…

basicjetsetter asked:

S.O.S!!! I need help!!!

Ooh what’s wrong?! 😨

Only nigga in first class…
Anonymous asked:

You saw Diggy " quick stream "

Lol I’m not waking up at 1am to watch the boy on ustream for 10 mins.. What means more to me, Diggy or sleep? looool 😭😂


Creds to unexpected4lw on Instagram :)

Dan was trynna kill me tho 😩😍🙌

this child needs to put a shirt on lmaoo