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What do you think of a 19yr old dating a 23 yr old male?

I think that’s fine tbh.

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Gotta get back on your game bae

bruhhh, everytime I set a day to post, something happens on that day like basketball practice or my family wanna see me. The game is on. I’m getting back in forreal 😈👊

jetsetter1998 asked:

When you postin FS??

I’m really hoping for tomorrow. The only thing that can stop me is time tbh

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When are you updating

did an imagine for today!! Could only do one because I visited my nephew earlier lol

Excited… A Diggy Simmons Imagine

Sitting on the bathroom counter, I looked at the pregnancy test and smiled.. I was right. I was pregnant. My heart danced. I was so excited to tell everyone, especially my boyfriend Diggy. He’d be so thrilled. We’d been two together for two years and I knew a baby would be perfect for us. I knew he’d love and care for us both as much as I’d do the same for him and the newborn. I’d called the doctor as soon as I found out and made an appointment for that weekend. It was important that I did it as soon as I found out.

I went into the living room where Diggy was playing on his console. I watched as he played, so focused on his game. I sat on the couch, watching as he played and smiled a little before I spoke. “Babe..?” I asked carefully, so not to distract him so much. “Yeah?” he asked while still tapping away on his console. “I have something to tell you…” I carefully started talking as he was so focused on the game. “Go…” he said cautiously. 

"I’m pregnant" I said with a smile as he was faced away from me. I expected him to stop the game and turn his attention to me, grab me and pull me into his arms and join me in a warm embrace and say how excited he was and how much he was looking forward to it… but he didn’t. He paused the game and thought for a while, not even turning "Mm-hmm…" he said almost quietly and resumed his game. "That was it?! An ‘mm-hmm’?! Is this nigga forreal?" I was thinking frantically in my head as I scrunched my face up, my eyebrows fiercely fuzzed together. I was nervous, annoyed and confused. I stood there, waiting for him to turn around and surprise me with a different and more excited reaction. “Babe, didn’t yo—” “I heard Y/N”. He cut me off sternly and unemotionally, still not looking at me but focusing solely on the game. I didn’t say a word. I just walked out the room, full of tears that had brewed in my eyes.

As soon as she walked out the room and closed the door to the bathroom, I paused my game and rested my controller down on the counter. I heard her crying in the bathroom, running water to rinse her face stained with tears. I held my head in my hands as I heard her sobs. It wasn’t my fault. Actually it was. I didn’t react the way she wanted to. But I couldn’t help how I felt. I was scared. I didn’t know how to react, but all I know is I could have done better. I wasn’t afraid of being a father. It wasn’t that. That actually excited me inside. 

I was going to go in there and comfort her, soothe her to sleep and explain… but I thought it’d be best if I left her to be by herself. I was battling with myself all night, thinking if that was the right thing to do. 

Every chance I got to try and talk to her, she’d argue with me. We argued. I struggled to explain the past and how I felt, what I was feeling or how familiar this all was for me to go through. I just couldn’t. She’d burst into tears, accusing me of not giving a fuck, for being selfish and not thinking about what we could have together. I don’t blame her. I really was acting that way. I just didn’t want to get so close to it all over again just so I’d see it all fall apart right before me. I couldn’t take the pain again. Not again. That weekend, she explained to me that she had an appointment. I had to make a choice of whether to go or not.. and after ten failed minutes of waiting on me to make up my mind, she left, slamming the door and rattling the delicate handle.

Ain’t no way I was waiting all day to decide if he was coming to our baby’s first scan. Ain’t no way in hell. I left without him. I was furious. I was upset. I was heartbroken. I felt a lot of things, like my heart wasn’t satisfied, my mind felt empty and just full of emotions I couldn’t get rid of. I wanted Diggy to be excited for us. That’s all I wanted.

I got in that doctor’s office just in time for my appointment. Just as we were about to start, the door flew open. “Y/N.” Diggy came in, panting and exasperated. I rolled my eyes. “Yes Daniel?” “I need to talk to you” he stood up straight and maintained his breathing. “Fine… excuse me” I said to the doctor, got off the chair and walked out to the white hall with him. He closed the door behind me. “Baby..” he started but I raised my hands. “I don’t wanna hear it. You’re not excited, you’re not talking to me.. Daniel, I don’t get it. Do you even want this baby? Do you want me?” I asked him and he grabbed my hands. “Yes.. I do. I really, really do. I want both of you…” he almost pleaded with me, looking right in my eyes as if he were telling whole truths.

And then he started to look to the ground. “But the last time I wanted a baby this bad, it was taken away from me” he said. I looked at him, confused by what his words meant, trying to figure it out. “What do you mean Diggy?” “I mean that.. that..” he began to stutter on his words as he spoke, like it was difficult. “At five months, my ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage” he confessed suddenly. I held my hand over my mouth after he spat the words out. He held his head away, almost in shame and trauma. I shook my head at his revelation and pulled him in for a hug. “I’m sorry baby..” I whispered as I held him. “I don’t want it happening to you, I can’t handle that…” his voice was trembling. Sclose to breaking. I let go of him and studied his face, smiling as a tear came down slowly. I wiped it with my thumb as I graced it across his beautiful brown cheek. “It won’t” I said quietly.

The room doors opened and the doctor was peeking at us both. “You ready to come in?” she asked politely. “Yeah, of course..” I nodded and looked at Diggy who smiled too. I tell you, seeing that ultrasound, hearing the baby’s heartbeat… seeing the smile on my boyfriend’s face. That right there. That’s what I wanted. He held my hand so tight, either out of fear, hope.. or even excitement. Either way, he held it and I held on too. 

— thank you to the anon who requested this imagine!! I really liked the idea, it was great to have done! —

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So I've told my best friend What's been going on so many times okay. So today she asked me why am I acting different. I said a lot of things are going on right now. Then she said like what...... And I said "I've already told..... Like multiple times..." Then she said okay nvm....... And didn't reply back How is this MY fault??

It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. If she doesn’t understand or doesn’t wanna say anything more, then I’d just leave it. You don’t owe it to her to explain yourself. If she’s your best friend, she’d at least try to understand.

urbanfashionpost asked:

Did you get diggys last tweet

Yeah… I’ve just concluded that sometimes he chats shit and other times he makes sense.

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So I had a dream that Dig had a tattoo going down his upper thigh that said "Ava, Vanessa, Angela". I woke up checking social media for it lol that dream felt so real.. I don't even know how he ended up ironing with no clothes on (just underwear) in my dream 😖

All I can say is… wtfff?! 😳😨 but honestly, Diggy would look so buff with a sleeve tattoo, just sayin…

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Any updates today ?

Later today because I bought myself my own laptop yeyyyy 😊😊